Township Board

Board of Trustees                                             Meeting Information      
Bill Dunn, Supervisor                                      248-628-9787 ext. 6                 

The Charter Township of Oxford Board of Trustees Meetings are  held on the second Wednesday of each month at 300 Dunlap Road, Oxford, MI  48371.

Special Notices
If you would like information regarding vacancies on committees and are interested in being a committee member, please contact the Supervisor’s Office at  248-628-9787, ext. 110.

Curtis W. Wright, Clerk                           248-628-9787 ext. 5                
Joseph G. Ferrari, Treasurer                           248-628-9787 ext. 4                
Jack Curtis                           248-628-9787                
Patti Durr                           248-628-9787                
Elgin Nichols                           248-628-9787                  We are interested in hearing from the public and welcome comments and suggestions. You may contact our office by phone, fax, letter, e-mail, or by visiting the Township offices during normal business hours.
Margie Payne                           248-628-9787                 

As the name implies, a trustee is an individual placed in a position of public trust with fiduciary responsibilities to manage the affairs of the Township for the best interests of the public. A trustee has the responsibility to attend Township Board meetings and participate in decisions and deliberations. They are frequently given additional duties and responsibilities by Township Board action. Each member of the Board of Trustees welcomes your input. 

They appreciate hearing from you and learning of your concerns and suggestions. You  may contact your elected officials by calling the telephone numbers listed above or by writing to them at the address below. 
Charter Township of Oxford
300 Dunlap Road
Oxford, Michigan 48371.

Citizens may also provide input to Board members at meetings. If you would like to address your elected officials under “Public comment,” or would like to provide input on any other agenda item, you may do so by attending a Board of Trustees Meeting.

PLEASE NOTE:  The location of Township Board meetings has changed.  Meetings are now held at 300 Dunlap Road, Oxford, MI  48371.

Township Minutes & Agendas

Agendas     Minutes
03-22-2018 -Special      
01-10-2018     1-10-2018
12-13-2017     12-13-2017
11-8-2017     11-8-2017
10-11-2017     10-11-2017

09-20-2017- Budget

09-13-2017     09-13-2017






07-12-2017     07-12-2017
06-14-2017     06-14-2017
Public Hearing Notice
04-12-2017     04-12-2017 
03-08-2017     03-08-2017 
02-22-2017     02-22-2017
02-08-2017     02-08-2017 
01-11-2017     01-11-2017
12-14-2016     12-14-2016 
11-09-2016     11-09-2016 
10-12-2016     10-12-2016
09-21-2016     09-21-2016
09-14-2016     09-14-2016 
08-10-2016     08-10-2016 
07-13-2016     07-13-2016 
06-08-2016     06-08-2016 

2018 Meeting Schedule

For older copies of Agendas and Minutes, please contact the Clerk's office at (248) 628-9787, ext. 5.