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Responsibilities of the Clerk's Office 

The Clerk’s Office is responsible for the retention of Township records, including agendas, minutes, ordinances, resolutions, and legal notices.  It is also responsible for the preparation of meeting agendas and supporting documentation, financial reporting, accounts payable, bookkeeping, monthly financial reports, election administration, cemetery administration, human resources, insurances, retirement plan administration, fulfillment of Freedom of Information Act requests, and administering oaths of office to appointed and elected officials for Oxford Township.

Susan McCullough Deputy Clerk

Phone: (248) 628-9787 ext. 107

Curtis W. Wright

Phone: (248) 628-9787 ext. 108

Clerk Curtis Wright Website2.jpg

Born and raised in Oxford, Clerk Wright graduated from Oxford High School in 1977. Prior to being elected clerk in November 2008, he served as Oxford Township supervisor from 1994-98. He’s been a Certified Municipal Clerk since 2011.

Clerk Wright’s duties include: 1) Maintaining all township records not assigned by law to another office; 2) recording, maintaining and publishing township board meeting minutes; 3) keeping the voter registration file and administering election functions; 4) maintaining the general ledger; 5) keeping the township ordinance book; 6) keeping the township book of oaths; and 7) posting notices for regular and special meetings.

Clerk Wright chairs the Polly Ann Trail Management Council and serves on the following township committees: Water and Sewer Committee, Safety Path Committee, Election Commission, Cemetery Committee and Highway/Roads Committee.

Kelly Richter
Admin. Assistant

Phone: (248) 628-9787 ext. 106

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Water billing and service is managed by Oakland County Water Resources commissioners' office.  They can be contacted at (248) 858-1110.
Sewer bills are currently issued every three months:  January, April, July, and October.


The Clerk’s Office is responsible for the sale of gravesites and maintenance of burial records. Oxford Township owns three cemeteries.

The cost of an individual grave is $400.00.

Contact the Clerk’s Office at (248) 628-9787, ext. 106.  The Clerk’s Office has maps of all three cemeteries showing which lots are available for purchase.

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Freedom of Information Act
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Voting Information
Vote Boxes

If you are interested in working as an Election Inspector, Precinct Chairperson, or Electronic Poll Book Operator, please contact Kelly Richter at (248) 628-9787, ext. 106

Marihuana License Application

To apply for a Medical Marihuana License, complete the Marihuana License Application Form and submit to the Clerk's office.

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