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Welcome to the Charter Township of Oxford.  We hope you find our site helpful and the information you need easy to find.  Please feel free to call our office with any questions you may have.         

Oxford Township Hall open to the public

Until further notice, members of the public are asked to please observe the following policy when visiting the Oxford Township Hall. This policy is for your protection as well as ours. Your cooperation, patience and understanding will be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

FACE MASKS OR COVERINGS REQUIRED -- In order to enter the township hall, all members of the public are required to wear some type of face mask or face covering, be it a surgical mask, N95 mask, KN95 mask, cloth mask, scarf, bandana or handkerchief. The only exception to this requirement are members of the public who are unable to medically tolerate a face mask or covering. Members of the public who wish to enter the township hall, but do not possess a face mask will be provided with one by the township, free of charge.

HAND SANITIZER AVAILABLE & REQUIRED -- The township is making hand sanitizer available to all members of the public who enter the township hall. All visitors must immediately apply hand sanitizer upon entering the building.

VISITOR SIGN-IN REQUIRED -- All members of the public who visit the township hall will be required to fill out individual sign-in sheets. On each of these sheets, they must provide their full name, current address, telephone number, and the date and time of their visit. There will be one bucket containing sanitized pens for public use and a second bucket in which pens will be placed after they have been used by the public. These buckets will be clearly labeled. The public will be directed to use a sanitized pen to sign in, then place it in the used bucket when finished. Sign-in sheets will be submitted to township personnel manning the counters. These sign-in sheets will be collected, saved and stored by the township in case they are needed by the Oakland County Health Division or Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

NO MORE THAN 6 PEOPLE ALLOWED IN THE COUNTER AREA -- In the public space where visitors access the counters for the treasurer’s department, clerk’s office and building department, no more than six members of the public will be allowed at any one time. Signs informing visitors of this rule will be posted on the doors. While waiting or transacting business in the counter area, visitors will be required to practice social distancing, meaning they should stay at least six feet apart from others at all times. Township employees who man the front counters will be responsible for keeping track of how many members of the public are in the counter area at any given time. Once the six-person limit has been reached, township employees manning the counters will politely ask any and all visitors above the limit to please wait outside the counter area, either in the hallway or outside the building, until space is available and they can be properly and safely served.

OFFICE AREA OFF-LIMITS TO THE PUBLIC -- Under no circumstances will any member of the public be permitted in the office area where employees and officials conduct their daily activities.

PLEASE TAKE ADVANTAGE OF ALTERNATIVE WAYS TO INTERACT WITH THE TOWNSHIP -- The public is strongly encouraged to transact their business with the township government or ask questions via telephone, mail or the internet whenever possible and practical.

NO OUTSIDE/PRIVATE GROUP MEETINGS AT THE TOWNSHIP HALL -- Use of the township hall’s meeting room by outside or private groups or organizations is temporarily prohibited until further notice. No exceptions will be made.


The following information is from the State of Michigan:

All registered voters in Michigan have the right to vote by mail. It's a safe way to vote and protect your health, and the process is secure and accurate. To vote by mail, fill out the simple application located on this page, print and sign it, and then mail or email it to your local clerk (you can find their address and email here). When filling out the application, if you check the box to be added to the permanent absent voter list, you'll get an application mailed to you before every election. But there's no commitment. Even if you apply to vote by mail, you can change your mind and vote in person. 

Absent voter ballot applications

All registered voters are eligible to vote by mail

Due to the passage of the statewide ballot proposal 18-3, all eligible and registered voters in Michigan may now request an absent voter ballot without providing a reason.

Check your voter registration at Michigan Voter Information Center Michigan.gov/Vote

Requesting an absent voter ballot

Your request for an absent voter ballot must be in writing and can be submitted to your city or township clerk. (For assistance in obtaining the address of your city or township clerk, see  Michigan.gov/Vote) You must request an absent voter ballot by submitting the application, a letter, a postcard, or a pre-printed application form obtained from your local clerk's office. Requests may be returned by hand, via postal mail, fax, or email, as long as a signature is visible. 

Requests to have an absent voter ballot mailed to you must be received by your clerk no later than 5 p.m. the Friday before the election. If you’re already registered at your current address, you can request an absent voter ballot in person at your clerk’s office anytime up to 4 p.m. on the day prior to the election. If you’re registering to vote or updating your address by appearing at your clerk’s office on Election Day, you can request an absent voter ballot at the same time you register. If you request your AV ballot the day before the election or on Election Day, you must vote the ballot in the clerk's office. 

Once your request is received by the local clerk, your signature on the request will be checked against your voter registration record before a ballot is issued. You must be a registered voter to receive an absent voter ballot, but you can register and apply for an absent voter ballot at the same time.  Requests for absent voter ballots are processed immediately. Absent voter ballots may be issued to you at your home address or any address outside of your city or township of residence.

After receiving your absent voter ballot, you have until 8 p.m. on Election Day to complete the ballot and return it to the clerk's office. Your ballot will not be counted unless your signature is on the return envelope and matches your signature on file. If you received assistance voting the ballot, then the signature of the person who helped you must also be on the return envelope. Only you, a family member or person residing in your household, a mail carrier, or election official is authorized to deliver your signed absent voter ballot to your clerk's office.

If an emergency, such as a sudden illness or family death prevents you from reaching the polls on Election Day, you may request an emergency absent voter ballot. Requests for an emergency ballot must be submitted after the deadline for regular absent voter ballots has passed but before 4 p.m. on Election Day. The emergency must have occurred at a time which made it impossible for you to apply for a regular absent voter ballot. Please contact the Oxford Township Clerk's Office (248-628-9787 Extension 106 or 107) for more information about emergency absent voter ballots.






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Maloney Street Crossing

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ACH Sewer Enrollment Form


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